Itssssss a Knockout!

knockoutRe-live those years when ‘It’s a Knockout’ was on our television and Keith Chegwin and Frank Bruno were our entertainment.

Now it’s your turn to have a go.  Not only can you have fun on the replica course of one of your favourite comedy game shows but it can also help with your working relationships too. This is a chance for you and your fellow colleagues to enjoy a fun day out of the office and at the same time become closer to the people you work with every day.

The course contains all similar obstacles to that seen in the show but it will prove to be a challenge for you and your colleagues as the ability to communicate and use team-work are key to completing the course. Many have tried it and many have loved it, now it’s your turn.

You get the chance to spend the day constantly smiling and rolling around laughing at your fellow colleagues. Now, don’t we all want to do that?

Who said that team building had to be boring? Definitely not the Team Challenge

There is a huge selection of Knockout Games, Inflatable Entertainment and Team Challenges all for you and your colleagues to enjoy splashing about on. The next time your boss says you are going on a team building day, you won’t be sighing anymore.

The success of a business relies greatly on the staff it employs, so why not boost that success with team building. With ‘It’s a Knockout’ you can do just that. Having a day away from the desk and being able to relive your childhood with a Sports-day like event is just want the boss has ordered, so enjoy yourself and let your hair down.

If your boss doesn’t know about Team Challenge Company, make sure he does in the morning. After all, an event like this is a win for him and a win for you.